President Style

Young capital and dreams

I ask myself, what is the advantage? Young! With dreams and ideals, you can boldly expand your mind, embrace the world, create a world of change, and make yourself a future...

Ms. Meng Zhouzhou, CFO of Huawei, said in a speech at Tsinghua University: "Qian Xuesen was already a world-renowned aerodynamics expert at the age of 28; Newton established the theoretical basis of calculus at the age of 22; Einstein When I proposed the theory of relativity, I was only 28 years old. "The world has always changed young people!"

Understanding and interpretation of management

I believe that the word "management" is "first to manage others, that is, to run oneself". In a person's life, regardless of marriage, family, or career, they need to operate with care. People share the same heart and mind. As the philosophy and core idea of ​​the Group's management, the "Establishing the Heart" is the mission of the Dongshan Group. It is to enable those who have the ability to show their ambitions and to build a platform for people with lofty ideals. Today, some great benchmark enterprises are out of humanity. Selfish and inert considerations, and the pursuit of "wolf culture management" has achieved dazzling success; however, my understanding and interpretation, I hope to stand in the perspective of human responsibility and mission, and follow the "human culture" to form a benevolent The management philosophy of the division stimulates the active and active spirit of the team members, cultivates the sentiment that loves to be obsessed with work, and becomes an automatic self-management. Those who have become great events in ancient times, not only have the talents of the world, but also have the tenacity of ambiguity. The language cloud: The giant wheel of the history of "making a hero" has never stopped because of something, and every era will end. There are a number of successful people who have outstanding talents. I believe that we will not be absent. We will be young and hard-working, understand the laws of nature, and be grateful. We will lead our like-minded partners and create a new generation that belongs to us. Those who have to be unseen; those who have not forgotten, those who must not forget."

Good strategy and ability

I saw that “resource integration and service innovation” is the main axis of business in the era of intelligent networks. “Benefit” is the essence of commercial activities. It formulates the “five borrowing” strategy and demonstrates its ability to display its ambitions: the borrower asks: the introduction of the think tank mechanism The team of expert consultants plays the role of a think tank and learns the truth and ability of being a human being.

Borrowing people to develop: to carry out the strategy of recruiting talents to launch the 2018 talent factory, with intellectual capital as the core, facing the fierce commercial competition.

Taking advantage of the development of the situation: grasping the national policy China has become the largest economy in the process of grasping various industrial policy opportunities introduced by the state.

Borrowing Dongfeng: Deeply cultivated Chaoyang industry, new technology energy, and big health industry have all been included in the national industrial policy, striving for the opportunity of 100 billion enterprises.

Borrowing a boat to the sea: Using the Belt and Road strategy of a strong country, the Dongshan Group took a boat to the sea to march toward internationalization.

Mobao's spurs and incentives

Hanging in the office, a piece of ink treasure: "I don't want to leave my hometown, I don't want to work harder, my mind is higher than the sky, I have to pay back the day, and I will remind myself of the "hearts of the sword". I always insist on the road ahead. Struggle, work hard, and hope that the team members will swear each other and share it!