Organizational Chart

2018 Homemade Brand Hotel

Spring is like a flower is red, busy with the city's calm thinking and high-speed rhythm, it is better to slow down, take time out, to cultivate spirituality, spring flowers, breeze, dance, she uses the most beautiful face waiting for you, you If she does not come, she will fall to Fanghua, and a good year will be cherished. In the future, three types of hotels will be developed, 1. Yunhai Hotel: big health, smart; 2. Yunhai 驿 stack: B&B; 3. Yunhai selection: mid-end. In conjunction with the market expansion authorization commission, the “Property Revitalization Assets Enhancement” strategy is used to create a well-known brand based on light asset intelligence and cross-border hotel industry.


2017 Future Star Education Complex

In response to the advent of the era of intelligent technology, exam-oriented education has been unable to meet the needs of social development. Based on Chenzhou City, we will train future-oriented talent education with comprehensive development of students under the age of 18, and gradually replicate the successful model of exploration. National.


Established Dongshan Group in 2016

Actively cultivate professional talent teams and build a modern management system to lay a solid foundation for the Group's international development.


Established Lianyungang Wance International Trading Co., Ltd. in 2015

Specializing in the sales of coal, coke, wood, steel, iron ore, nickel ore, building materials, decorative materials, mechanical and electrical equipment, metal materials, chemical products and raw materials, electronic products, plastic products, environmentally friendly products, packaging materials, international and Domestic freight forwarding company for international trade import and export.


Established Yunhaiteng Group in 2013

After several years of laboratory research and development, we have broken through and mastered the preparation and process of “gas phase sedimentation method”. In the fields of graphene battery, nuclear power, national defense military, aerospace and smart equipment, we have achieved the advantage of the industry leader. Approved internationally renowned enterprises and institutions, such as: Toray, Hitachi, China Nuclear Power Corporation and certain military production units, are in the process of scientific and technological achievements transformation and sample application testing, until the current application effect is good, once adopted, can achieve high efficiency , large-scale production and manufacturing. At the same time, it has the best graphene mine reserve resources with two high-crystal large scales, with a valuation of 11 billion yuan.


Established Henan Yanshi Industry in 2010

After two years of hard work and hard work, the “one-time reduction process technology” was awarded the “Ni-Iron Research Project R&D Base” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which greatly reduced the production cost and was highly competitive in the international market. It is currently the largest enterprise in the domestic research and development of nickel-iron particles. After years of hard work and accumulation, it has won good reputation in the industry and obtained scarce resource quota of 2 million tons of laterite nickel ore. In 2018, it plans to set up a factory in Indonesia to produce a production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons of ferronickel. The Vertical Integration Center moves the business boundary forward and backward, forming a one-stop service-wide supply chain.