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Dongshan Film Industry


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First, the company background
With the advent of the information age and the rapid development of China's economy, people have reached an unprecedented level of information acquisition and dissemination. The enhancement of personal image packaging appeal, the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises, the crazy spread of online video, the germination of mobile micro-movies, and the rapid growth of the film market all indicate that the booming development of the film industry is coming. The film and television industry is a very special industry. It is a complex service industry that combines art and technology, and individuality and business. It is different from the ordinary advertising company and the pure photography industry. It has a high threshold, wide coverage, large investment and high risk. This also determines that the investment in the film industry will have an amazing rate of return, allowing investors to enjoy the huge returns that are impossible in other traditional industries.
Second, the company summary
◎ company purpose:
   Based on film and television, create a better life.
◎ Company goal:
  Based in Henan, it radiates across the country and eventually becomes a professional commercial film production company.
◎Company mission:
Help Chinese companies spread corporate culture and shape corporate image.
Third, the company's development stage and concept
 Based on the development needs of the current and future markets, we divide the company's development into three phases:
Early development (2 years):
Expand the market, establish a stable customer base, and build the most competitive organizational structure and core team. In the early days, we created high-level corporate videos, commercials, online videos and micro-movies to create high-end corporate videos, and created a brand to increase awareness.
Mid-term development (3 years):
More outstanding quality, and gradually serve high-end customers, strive for high profits, and gradually shoot corporate films and various documentaries with certain influence, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of a scale development path of film, culture, and social activities.
Maturity (5 years later):
Become a domestic professional commercial film production company, committed to the production of corporate movies and TV series.
Fourth, the company's main business
Various corporate videos, commercials, feature films, online videos, micro-movies, documentaries, movies, and TV series production.

Dongshan Film Industry



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