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Henan Dongshan International Trading Co., Ltd. was established on June 27, 2012. It mainly deals in the sales of mineral products, coal, steel, building materials, hardware and electrical materials, refractory materials; import trade management, corporate legal person: Ma Shunguo, male, December 30, 1971 Born, the comrade has a strong career and has certain working ability and business level. The nature of the enterprise: the registered capital of the limited liability company: RMB 100 million. Organization: There are offices, finance department, marketing department, supply department, human resources department and other units. There are 50 employees, including 5 management personnel, 5 undergraduates and above, and 10 graduates from colleges and universities; Since its establishment, it has been strictly managed, credible, steadily developed, and operated according to law. All kinds of rules and regulations and certificates are complete, business order and efficiency are good, and it has been well received by the community.
    The raw materials are mainly purchased from Lianyungang Wance International Trade Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Blackstone International Trade Co., Ltd. Mainly sold to Henan Province, Nickel Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Province, Chuanchuan Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd. and other units. As of October 2017, the accumulated income was 159.45 million yuan, the net profit was 10.31 million yuan, and the total assets were 297.63 million yuan, of which current assets were 241.18 million yuan, long-term equity investment was 18 million yuan, net fixed assets was 37.81 million yuan, and total liabilities were 95.64 million yuan. The net assets were 201.99 million yuan, of which the paid-up capital was 24.4 million yuan. In short, the company has a certain financial strength and good economic benefits. There is a smart and capable team and a higher social reputation, which can serve customers and society in all aspects. With the continuous expansion of production, the economic benefits will continue to increase. It is expected that the annual sales income will be 400 million yuan, the profit and tax will be 200 million yuan, and more than 100 labor and employment personnel will be arranged to solve the rural surplus labor force. Since its establishment, the company has strictly managed, paid attention to credibility, steadily developed and operated according to law. It has promoted the economic development of Ganzhou. In the future development, we still adhere to the people-oriented, honest management, and "seeking truth, pragmatism, pioneering and innovation" as the enterprise spirit. Under the guidance of the pursuit of excellence, quality and supreme business philosophy, adhere to first-class enterprise management, first-class service quality, first-class corporate image, to provide our clients with efficient and low-cost services, strong technical support and perfect after-sales service, strive for more In a short period of time, it is in a leading position compared with the same industry and makes greater contributions to the economic construction of Chenzhou City.
    Henan Dongshan International Trading Co., Ltd. is professional, honest and trustworthy. Our company has accumulated rich experience in international trade in the long-term practice, and has trained a group of professionals with high academic qualifications who are proficient in international trade. Our company has always followed international trade practices, adhering to the business philosophy of “commiting the same platform, keeping promises, providing quality service, mutual benefit and win-win”, and establishing extensive cooperative relations with the international business community, industry and science and technology, and closely linking China and international through trade ties. market. Henan Dongshan International Trade Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad for common development. At present, the company's trade scale is expanding day by day, and it has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers with good reputation, and has made many positive work to promote China's modernization.

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