Chairman’s Speech

Insight Into The Destiny


Dongshan group - President - Mr. Xue Zhicheng


After over three decades after its reform and open-up, China is undertaking the historic mission of the great revival of the Chinese nation. At the same time, it also sees entrepreneurship of Chinese entrepreneurs and records the wax and wane of private companies. A participator, witness and practitioner of modern business history, it has a history of over 50 years. With its over 10,000 days of struggles, it has many ruminations and aspires to construct its ideological and cultural value system from ‘felicity, bitterness, rumination, gratitude, joy, knowledge, ambition, wisdom, delivery and cultivation’ so that team members can learn about the ways of being a man, youngsters can get the wisdom to be rooted in the society and an incessant brook can be injected to the group’s future development.

Felicity: Some people say that is it the best of years and the worst of years. For individuals, they have greeted the great tide of reform and open-up and would get the opportunity to realize their self-worthy. It is felicity.

Bitterness: Children born in the 1960s in the rural area were in lack of education, so their way ahead in the society would prove challenging. Their tribulations and hardship would pale words. Despite adverse setting they are in, they would have staunch faith, distinct goal and lofty ideal, and that’s why they arrive at what they have obtained today.

Rumination: Attainments it grabs today are not ascribed to accidents. It is ascribed to struggles and hard work. It is what we call sincerity leads to success.

Gratitude: We should keep in mind our parents’ longing and inculcation. We should have a grateful mind. We should be grateful to our parents for their tolerance, to our peers and to the blessing of God.

Joy: As an ancient saying goes ‘we are worse off than some but better off than many’. We are not content in the current situation, but we find satisfaction in the struggles and efforts we used to pay. It is what we call ‘happiness from a contested mind’.

Knowledge: After decades of experience in business, we have realized a truth: ‘you can share profits rather than taking them alone. You can seek for advice from few but not many’. You should keep a low profile, it is what we call ‘deity’. You can realize your goal eventually, it is called’ awareness’.

Ambition: You would carry ambition in mind when you are young. You would express your inspiration from the poetry that goes by the meaning below: by going against the billow against tribulations, you would start your business. It is likened to marshaling tens of thousands of soldiers. They are all heroes. Some people would take advantage of fortune. Some people would be reduced to oblivion. Those who stand up high would have a general view. You should clear away all hindrance to attain success. Bearing grave responsibilities on the shoulder, you should test your ambition and do not bring disgrace to your life.

Wisdom: After 5 decades, it realizes the tendency of changes of all things and has a perception on the truth about wax and wane of all things. It knows about rules of human ideology and could discover omens before changes. It can be summed up below: ‘You don’t know about yourself when young. You already reach seniority when you know about yourself. You don’t want to recall the past. Life is full of tribulations. Despite the fact that you are worn out, your goal is distinct. By taking an overall view, you would root the foundation for the titan company,’

Delivery: An ocean is not short of a drop of water, a forest is not short of a tree and a platform is not short of an individual. But a family is short of members who would bring grace to invigorate it. Life is short and time rolls by fast. We should adopt a mindset of passing it down through generations. It is the impetus and competitiveness for a company’s continuation.

Cultivation: Heritage of culture. ‘The most important thing for a year is to harvest the crop, the most important thing for a decade is to grow trees and the most important thing for a hundred years is to cultivate talents’. To cultivate the next generation is to attain perfect and to realize a life without regret.

Dongshan Group has introduced ‘thinktank, strategic functional department’ and established three goals wielded by ‘Dongshan Academy, Lecture of Chinese Ancient Civilization’:

I. It is to pass down ideology of the family, cultivate three outlooks and nine qualities and connotation of 27 national learning.

II. It is to root culture for Dongshan Group, and establish the goal of cultivating people in lecture of Chinese civilization that features wisdom.

III. To attain the groundwork of 100 billion-Yuan groundwork and to cater to scientific innovation 2.0 era, the Group should take an overall view with a brand new ideology and vision. 2.0 era takes traditional company + internet as the theme, so on ground of continuing traditional edge and competitiveness, we have introduced scientific and technological smart technology as the instrument and dual overlaying effects to realize innovation.

Under the guidance of this strategy, Dongshan Group has set up the ‘entrepreneurship platform’ to guide its way and track of edging ahead. By complying with ‘universal spirit’, it encourages young people to bring out their talents and help ambitious people to accomplish their dream and attain their life worth. It is the group’s strategic layout to cater to the situation in a bid to retain vitality for continuous development in the future pattern of competition.