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sports event for spring, 2018

【abstract】 Toenhancebuildingofenterpriseculture,reinforcethecompany’scohesion,enrichstaffs’spare-timeactivitiesandimproveitsstaffs’physicalquality,DongshanGroupheld‘sportseventforspring,2018’.Thesportseventnotju

To enhance building of enterprise culture, reinforce the company’s cohesion, enrich staffs’ spare-time activities and improve its staffs’ physical quality, Dongshan Group held ‘sports event for spring, 2018’. The sports event not just reinforced the team’s cooperation, cohesion and combativeness. It also brought about struggles, unity and congruity of each staff in the field. Their spirit was highly loaded. And warm congratulation is sent to celebrate successful holding of the sports event. 

Opening address by the leaders 


Access of squad of each department and display of team glamor 


Cheerleaders with passion


Gymnastics competition






Tug of war 


Pull-together competition 



Brand-tearing competition 


Trust buttock 





Jury president

Lu Shunxing won Reward for Individual Glamor 

Company Publicity Department in Dongshan Group won Reward with Most Passionate Cohesion 

Office of Dongshan Group won Reward for Tacit Understanding 



Sports Event for Spring in Dongshan Group, 2018 was a great success 

See you next year.


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